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About ROI Technologies

An IT planning partner for consultants

ROI Technologies is an IT outsourcing and consulting company specialising in Business Consulting, Software Development and Network Management. The company was established in 2001 by a group of consultants with years of experience in the value-added markets. The company was originally founded to fill the gap in the specialised ERP implementation space where skilled resources are scarce. Soon this grew into providing company IT support for our customers.

Our Goal: We want to help you reduce your overall operational IT costs

Our Core Values

Our Mission

ROI Technologies strives to distinguish ourselves by always developing our service offerings and delivery to best suit our customer’s requirements.

Our Vision

ROI Technologies strives to be the IT Support Service Provider of choice to SME’s in terms of value, expertise, and knowledge of our products and services.

Our Objectives

ROI Technologies’ objective is to become your “Independent Service and Support solutions partner” it doesn’t matter what the size of your business is.

Our Customers

Consultants and businesses that are fast growing, with perhaps 10 – 250 employees. They usually have no access to an IT manager, especially not someone who is dedicated to it full-time. 

Companies looking for company IT support to ensure their day-to-day activities run smoothly and more efficiently without any IT problems hampering their productivity.

Clients who want peace of mind knowing that, behind the scenes, things like security patches, updates, viruses, back-ups, and vital data protection are all taken care of automatically.  

Companies who value the importance of IT in their business and how it can impact their overall operations from production to customer satisfaction.

What we believe in


Our pursuit of excellence and professionalism pushes us to go beyond the expectations of ourselves and our clients.


We believe teamwork and clear communication brings unity and enables us to do more than we could individually.


We believe personal growth motivates and aspires us to continue learning new things and develop our skill set.


We strive to bring out good leaders who always aim to do their best to ensure success in the IT Industry.

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